Lunches in School Programme

The Lunch in Schools programme begins at Linton Camp School on Monday 29 March. Every student will receive a lunch every day for the rest of the school year.

Please carefully read over the information about lunches in the page.

Dietary Needs vs Preference

The programme will provide sperate lunches for those students with dietary needs or allergies but not for those students who don’t like a food item in that day’s lunch. On days where you know your child will be less interested in the provided lunch you may need to provide additional food for them.


Only students with the following Dietary needs will be able to receive a different lunch;

  • Gluten free

  • Dairy free

  • Vegetarian

  • Hallel or similar


Please complete the return form, to let us know of any dietary constraints your child may have.


Older Students

Five years old’s and thirteen year old’s (and even in between) will receive exactly the same lunch. Portion sizes and calorie counts have been directed by the Ministry of Education.


If your child usually has a big lunch you may need to provide additional food for them.


Information from Other Schools

In chatting with other Libelle schools we have learnt that, in particular, students in year 3 – year 8 have really enjoyed the lunches and the variety.


Younger students have needed a bit more encouragement to try ‘new’ foods.


Brain Break and Morning Tea

You will still need to provide your child with food for brain break (fruit) as well as their morning tea.



A lunch menu will be provided in advance setting out the lunches.


Settling In

We are advised that changing to daily lunches can take up to three weeks to get embedded into school life. While we go through the implementation phase some patience may be required by all of us.

It may be that you need to talk with your children about trying new foods and making sure that they eat everything provided.


You may have to provide your child with additional food over the settling in period.


Your Questions

Lisa or I are happy to answer any of your questions. Please call for a chat.