About Us

Linton Camp School is situated within the Linton Camp housing area, a short drive from Palmerston North. Most of our students have parents/whanau who work for the Army at Linton Camp. However, as a state school anyone can attend. Linton Camp School provides instruction for students from New Entrants to Year Eight.  We also have a bilingual class catering for students in Years One to Three. We have an active Kapa Haka group, open to all students in the bilingual class, as well as students from Years Three to Eight.

'Owning our Learning, Owning our Future'

Owning our learning, owning our future is our school motto. It is an important part of teaching and learning at Linton Camp School. The reason for this is simple. When the learner has ownership of the learning they are more actively involved in that learning. This applies to adults and children alike. We work with our students to ensure they can tell others what level or stage they are on in Reading, Writing and Maths as well as what they have to do to get to the next level or stage. We also want them to be able to tell others what they are getting better at in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. On at least two occasions each year, we give our students the opportunity to share with their parents how they are owning their learning and therefore, their futures at student-led conferences. We have a Student Leadership team and a Head Boy and Girl. This group is responsible for running our weekly assemblies, and our Head Students speak at the ANZAC Service in Camp.

Being on the B.A.L.L

Being ‘on the ball’ is how we describe our school behaviour plan. We want all our students to be ‘on the ball’ every day. That is, we want them to make good choices and interact appropriately and positively with others. Each letter of B.A.L.L describes a value and the school rule. ‘B’ focuses on relationships and the rule is ‘be friendly’. ‘A’ is about respect and the rule is ‘always do what staff ask you to do’. ‘L’ focuses on teamwork and the rule is ‘look after each other’. The final ‘L’ is about pride and the rule asks students to ‘look after the environment’. Being ‘on the ball’ is a programme that teaches students what appropriate behaviour is. This is achieved through the deliberate teaching of ball skills as well as rewarding children for making good choices. The programme also encompasses time out, being benched and completing a reflection form 'sin bin' for those students who require more support to make good choices.

Our Facilities

Our school has two playgrounds, a netball court, a basketball court  and a large field for students to use. We access the full-sized swimming pool in Linton Camp, and all classes use the well-resourced Linton Community Library.  Each classroom is fitted with an Interactive Whiteboard and at least four computers.​