School Uniform

November 29, 2018

Linton Camp School has fine school uniform.  We are very proud of it and our students look really smart in it.  A big thank you to every family for the effort you put into having your child turn out so neat and tidy every day.


There are several issues about uniform that I want to draw to your attention.


   1.   The red top, polar fleece and sweat top must be monogrammed.  This is not optional.  If your child has a non monogrammed top or fleece I expect you to have them monogrammed as soon as practical (and by the beginning of the new school year at the latest).


   2.   In Terms Two and Three shoes must be black leather school shoes.  I have noticed a wide variety of non leather shoes being worn at the moment.  By the beginning of Term Two next year all shoes must be in line with the uniform guidelines. 


Black roman sandals are a school uniform    option in Terms One and Four.


   3.   Hats must be navy or red in colour and must be wide brimmed.  Caps are not allowed.  You would be surprised how many children seem not to have hats each day.  I know they are easy to lose.


   4.   Please, please name all clothing and shoes, especially those items that get to be taken off - hats, sweat tops, polar fleeces and shoes.  Please think carefully about how to name these items in a way that is clear and easy to read.



Each year I have donated as many as 50 pairs of shoes to charity that we have not been able to return because we have been unable to find a name on the shoes.  

I’m sure you must miss them.  


I have a couple of suggestions for naming clothing. Why not consider embroidering the your surname on the back of the fleece or sweat top.  One family did that a few years ago and never lost the top! some families use a label maker and stick the labels in the bottom of the shoes.  Also iron on or hand sewing labels onto clothing items is still effective.  I still have my school scarf with my name clearly visible on the label my mother sewed on it forty years ago!!


   5.   If I had one wish it would be that all our students had a highly tuned sense of their clothing and where all their uniform items are at all times.  So many students take items of clothing off and then can’t remember where they put them.  This seems a simple request but I know that it is not.  Your help with this would be appreciated.




Geoff Franks






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