School Athletics

School Athletics

School athletics will be held -

Monday 16 March at 3.45pm.

All LCS students are expected to attend.

Whanau are invited to come along to support & encourage their children.

3:45pm Students arrive & sit on the junior court.

4:00pm Athletics begin.

6.25pm. Finish (estimate)

All students are expected to attend. Students are to wear appropriate sportswear (shorts, tshirt) and running shoes (sneakers, joggers).

As this is a Whanau House event students are encouraged to wear their house colour but this is not compulsory, please do not go buy something just for this event. If you don’t know which house your child is in please ask your class teacher or Lisa in the office.

Families are invited to come watch the competition. Your children have been working hard to improve their Athletics, you will be proud of what they have achieved.

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