Alert Level Two Restrictions Review

Alert Level Two Restrictions Review

In our school’s Alert Level Two Plan we asked all parents to stay outside the school grounds (apart from New Entrant parents and those with students new to Linton Camp School). We also said that we would review this decision in two weeks.

This review has now been completed. New Zealand is still at Alert Level Two. Requirements for contact tracing and distancing remain in place. There is little or no COVID in New Zealand.

As a result of the review we have decided that parents may enter the school grounds when dropping off or picking up their children, as well at other times, commencing on Tuesday 02 June, 2020. All people entering school grounds must observe appropriate distancing between each other. Any person entering a classroom must sign in.

Parents are welcome to visit the school office with enquiries. They will need to sign in. Phoning, emailing or using Seesaw are still our prefered methods of communicating at this time.

Next review : Monday 15 June, 2020

Geoff Franks


Friday 29 May, 2020

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