Building Work

Kia ora Whanau

Building Work

Over the last six months or so there has been a lot of building work being completed here at school. Much of it is coming to its conclusion.

Room 4 & 5 & 6

The work in this area has involved demolishing wall lining, new ceilings, new windows, new cloak bay areas, opening the space between Room 4 & 5 and creating four breakout spaces.

The breakout spaces that already existed between Room 5 & 6 have been modernised and storage space have been built in along with glass doors. They are light and airy spaces, ideal for group work.

Our old boiler house (which was at the end of Room 4) has been emptied and filled with gravel and concrete and has been converted into two amazing breakout spaces that open into Room Four.

More than $350 000 has been spent on this project. The funds have come from the Ministry of Education. It is planned that Mr Tongs, Mr Price, Mrs James and all the students from their classes will move into their new area in time for the start of Term Three. Painting, electric, carpet and wall linings are the big jobs to be completed in the next few weeks.

Office Area

In early spring last year we had a wee flood in the office area. You may recall Lisa had to move out of her office for most of the summer months. Repairing this area required new paint and carpet and a significant reroof job. Insurance and the Ministry of Education paid for this work. Painting on the roof is still to be completed.

Rooms 7 & 8

We are just about to begin a very exciting piece of work in Rooms 7 & 8. When finished our bilingual class will have a great space to work in and we will have room to have a second bilingual class in the future. The work will involve insulation, new framing and wall lining, painting, wall covering, carpet and vinyl as well as some new windows.

Funds for this project come from the Ministry of Education and from our reserves. Whanau are contributing to some of the work.

When the work in Rooms 7 & 8 are completed every space - apart from some parts the administration area will have been modernised in some form or other over the last ten years. As a result we have great facilities.

Geoff Franks


What was once a dirty, cold boiler house has been transformed into 2 comfortable rooms with loads of light & storage and one even has a window seat for the students to enjoy the sun while reading & learning.

Mrs B & Mr Price had fun testing out the new sliding doors between the old office, rooms 4 & 5. This will allow versatility for the two classes to continue to work together, separately or in small groups.

Totara - room 6 are already making the most of the additional space they now have. The old computer room has been changed into a new learning space that can be open to the class or closed off as needed.

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