School Shoes;

School Shoes;

Shoes should be closed in winter shoes worn with Navy Blue socks or stockings. Sandals are not to be worn.

Winter Shoes?

Winter shoes are leather or leather look closed in shoes. Not canvas, hi-tops, sneakers or ballet flats.

Canvas shoes are NOT uniform and should not be worn to school because;

They get wet very easily, often on their way to school and then children have went cold feet all day.

Ballet flats easily slip off and are dangerous when playing on the playground.

Navy blue socks or stockings are the only colour to be worn. We are seeing loads of different coloured socks at school - white, orange, black, multi coloured.

Please make sure your child has the correct uniform. And don’t forget to name all items especially the ones that get taken off such as socks & fleeces so they can be identified when they leave them lying around.

If you have any questions about school uniform please talk with Lisa in the school office.

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