Linton Camp School at COVID Alert Level 1

Tuesday 09 June, 2020

Kia ora

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that New Zealand will move to Alert Level One.

Many of the restrictions that have been in place for the last few months have now been lifted. The information below sets out how we will operate under Alert Level One. Please read the information carefully. The information has been provided to schools by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.

The key features of Alert Level One are:

  • If people are sick, they should stay home

  • Wash and dry hands, sneeze and cough into elbow

  • Regularly disinfect shared surfaces

  • Soap, water and the ability to dry hands will be provided in bathrooms

  • Support contact tracing efforts by displaying QR Code posters for the NZ COVID Tracer App.

Schools are safe places for staff and students. We will continue promoting and practicing safe hygiene habits.

Stay Home if Unwell

Any student displaying the following symptoms should stay home and contact Healthline or a GP for advice:

  • a cold;

  • a head cold;

  • blocked ears, cough;

  • sneezing;

  • chills;

  • a fever.

If a student shows signs of being unwell while at school we will be contacting you and asking you to collect your child. Please make sure that you are contactable. Please have your phone on and please ensure that we have your up to date contact details.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Parents/whanau are welcome on the school grounds and in classrooms.

Anyone (adult or child) should stay away from school if they are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms mentioned previously.

Infection Control

The key infection controls we will be continuing include:

  • ensuring people with COVID-19 symptoms or those who feel generally unwell stay away from school;

  • continuing good hygiene practices; and

  • Regularly cleaning high touch surfaces.

Teachers will teach, reteach and regularly remind students about key health measures that they need to take. I am sure they are the same as what you have been teaching and reinforcing at your home.

  • How to cough or sneeze;

  • Hand washing; and

  • Sanitizing.


Regular (daily) cleaning of surfaces will continue to take place along with the usual cleaning schedule. This will include cleaning high touch surfaces (door handles, table tops in common spaces etc.) and bathrooms.

Teachers and students will continue to be able to clean high touch surfaces as often as they believe necessary during the day. All classes will have appropriate equipment to do so.

We will continue to emphasise the importance of cleaning the child (who touches things) as often as necessary, hence our strong message to students about regularly washing and drying their hands.

Drinking Water

Our drinking fountains are now open.


  1. School is open and safe. All students should attend everyday.

  2. If students are unwell they MUST stay home.

  3. Parents/whanau are welcome on the school grounds and in classrooms.

  4. Regular hand washing will be taught, retaught and regularly reinforced.

  5. Surface cleaning will continue.

Geoff Franks


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