Board of Trustees News

Board of Trustees News

At our most recent Board of Trustees meeting we reluctantly accepted the resignation from the board of Carey Talauta.

Carey joined the Board in 2015 and contributed in many ways right from the start. Carey thinks deeply about the education we are providing our students. He asks interesting questions and he offered thoughtful suggestions and insights. He helped the board understand the way in which Defence operations impacted on staff and families.

A particular passion of his, while on the board, focused on helping families make the most of the opportunity they had to support children with their learning. He was very keen for mums and dads to understand their role in the education process. He took every opportunity at school events to promote to parents the importance of their actively participating in the education of their children.

He was also a great advocate for common sense and fairness.

For four years from 2015 Carey was the Chairperson of the Board. This is a role requiring a range of skills. Chairpersons balance the desires of the school community with the imperatives of the education system. Sometimes it feels a little like you are in ‘no man's land’. Carey managed this tension with ease and ensured that the work of the board was maintained and advanced.

His contribution is acknowledged and our community owes him a debt of gratitude.

Leanne Bailey


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