2021 Classes and Teachers

2021 Classes and Teachers

It is my pleasure to let you know about classes and teachers for 2021. We will have seven classes operating next year.

Two staff members finish up at the end of the year. Shanya Gleeson-Long, who has been in Room Two this year is off to Milson School. Keri James, who has been teaching Ti Pihinga after Jamie Taylor left us is also leaving us. We thank them for their tireless work with our students.

In the current teacher shortage we have been very fortunate to employ two new teachers who are both excited about working at Linton Camp School. Ariana Collier is joining us and will teach in Ti Pihinga. Ariana is currently working at Canterbury University. Many of you will know Claudine Harvie as a parent, PTA chairperson and BoT member. Claudine is joining the staff after completing teacher training.

In 2021 Warrick Price will continue in the Deputy Principal role and Hanna McKeever will continue as the Acting Junior Team Leader.

With all that background here are the classes and teachers for 2021.

Room 1 Hanna McKeever New Entrant

Room 2 Amy Hardyment Year 1 & 2

Room 3 Mary MacDonald Year 2 & 3

Te Pihinga Ariana Collier Years 2 & 3

- Rooms 7 & 8

Room 4 Claudine Harvie Year 4-5

Room 5 Nigel Tongs Year 5-6

Room 6 Warrick Price/Anna James Year 7-8

Warrick, Hanna and I are happy to discuss any matter related to 2021 with you if you have questions. Please feel free to contact us.

Reports, 2021 class placements and details about stationery will be sent home on Thursday 09 December.

Geoff Franks


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