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2022 Prizegiving

On Tuesday we held our annual prize giving. It was so nice to finally be able to get together to acknowledge the hard work and effort of all our students. Thank you very much for coming to help celebrate.

School Awards;

Platinum Living Our Learning

This year we are again presenting awards to students who have achieved platinum for their Living Our Learning projects. Achieving platinum is the highest award that can be awarded for Living Our Learning. To earn the award students are required to complete an in-depth social action project that truly makes a difference. This year we have one student who have fulfilled the criteria. Alyssa Smit

Te Reo Awards

Kaitātaki Tama - Leading as an example for Te Reo Māori and tikanga Arie Rangitakatu

Kaitātaki Kotiro - Leading as an example for Te Reo Māori and tikanga Rahira Reid

Manaakitanga Trophy Jessie Allen

Te Reo Trophy Kāhui-ā-Rangi Waiomio-Leaf

Sports Awards

Junior Girls Sports Award (Stephens Whānau) Irie Raston

Junior Boys Sports Award Vanya Allan-Yushkov

Intermediate Girls Sports Award Dillon-Grace Lowery

Intermediate Boys Sports Award Isaiah Jenkins-Taylor

Senior Girls Sports Award Alyssa Smit

Senior Boys Sports Award Marshall Lowery

Senior Girls Swimming Award Alyssa Smit

Senior Boys Swimming Award Alexander de Vries

Arts and eLearning Awards

Maria Yarworth Arts Trophy T.J North

Speech Trophy Brooklyn Allan-Mitchell

Excellence in eLearning Kalee Van Rysewyk-Biel

Leadership and Excellence Awards

Best All Rounder (Southcombe Whanau) Joshua Cameron

Hardy Cup (Principal’s Award) Blake Johnston

Blake Johnston receives the Principal's Award for his outstanding role as an ambassador for Linton Camp School. His exemplary conduct has been recognised both within and outside the school. He has fully involved himself in fundraising opportunities, assistant roles for teacher-led activities, and service in supporting teachers to complete their school responsibilities. His willingness to contribute his efforts during and outside school hours has set him apart as an outstanding example of a Linton Camp School student.

Citizenship Award (Talauta Whanau) Tyler Atkins

Hamish Ruawai Leadership Shield Blake Johnston

Blake Johnston took on the role of Head Boy for Linton Camp School in Term 4 this year. Blake is recognised as being a excellent role model for his peers and for younger students at our school. Blake has contributed to the school leaders group, attended the National Young Leaders Day, involved himself in the arts as a capable music learner and led Tawhirimatea Whanau House. Blake directed much of the student energy and effort for the construction of the Legacy Project Outdoor Chess Board. He provided his own labour and organised others to do the same for the project both within school hours, after school and in the weekends, including his parents. His personable manner and initiative have set a positive tone that has ensured the successful experience of events and activities by many throughout the year.

Ryan Cup (Dux) Mika Human

Whānau House Cup Tane Mahuta

Our congratulations to Mika Human.

Mika is the 2022 Dux of Linton Camp School.

Mika was presented her award by Major Olivier and Mr Franks.

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