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2023 Class Placement

With us moving from seven classes this year to six classes in 2023 we have been working hard to get the best mix in each class. Since writing in the newsletter last Thursday (24/11) we have made a slight change in the year levels in classes, particularly in the senior school. Our aim in doing this is to keep the number of students in our junior classes as low as possible to ensure these students get the best start with their schooling as possible.

In 2023 our classes will be as follows:

"Manuka (Room 1)" New Entrants Hanna McKeever

"Rata (Room 2)" Year 1/2 Kayhla Cousins

"Miro (Room 3)" Year 2/3 Mary Macdonald

"Kauri (Room 4)" Year 3/4 Chris McKeever

"Matai (Room 6)" Year 4/5/6 Nigel Tongs

"Totara (Room 7 & 8)" Year 6/7/8 Sandi Pemberton

We are starting our 2023 School Year on Monday 30 January 2023.

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