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Donations of Sporting Gear

Some of you may remember Jordan Campbell’s project to recycle sports equipment.

Thanks to so many of you we have collected a large amount of equipment including boots.

These have been available and given to students who have needed a little help to participate in their chosen sport.

Unfortunately we have ended up with a box of boots that were still in need of a new home, they have been sitting around with no-one needing them.

Last week we received a phone call from Zane a member of NZDF who is posted in Samoa. He has collected sporting equipment to take back to Samoa for children in need there.

Zane asked if he could give us some cricket gear as Samoan children don’t play English style cricket so it wasn’t needed. Thank you Zane for the cricket pads, helmet and balls, we know our children will get a lot of use out of these.

So in return we gave Zane that box of boots.

Zane was thrilled and promised these will be treasured but the children in Samoa, it will make them think they are ‘real’ rugby players. He has asked we pass on his sincere thanks to everyone who donated.

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