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Good Bye from Tim & Harold

Hi all you lovely people at Linton Camp School!

Where did those 4 days go?! WAY WAY too short when you're around such awesome company - I could easily stay for the rest of the term - it is just the best being at your amazing school, and has given me lots of super memories.

The response of the students was overwhelming as always, giving me so much positive energy to feed off - I really appreciated how friendly and welcoming they are, along with their honest responses. As for you awesome specimens, I really do feel like I'm at home when I'm around you all - it has been so wonderful to share in your stories and catch-up - one of the best parts of my job.

It goes without saying that I would come back whenever you would have me - take care, have a brilliant cross country and a stunning rest of the term!

Warmest wishes


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