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Hui Tuarua

Our Hui Tuarua will be held on

Monday 8, Tuesday 9 & Wednesday 10 August.

This is a chance for you to meet your child’s teacher. And for you, your child and their teacher to sit down together to talk about your child, their needs and their goals.

It is the last formal hui of the year, to see where your child is in their learning journey and to discuss how we all can help your child along their journey We welcome parents to meet with their child’s teacher at any time during the year if they have queries or concerns. This is best done by contacting the teacher via email to arrange a time that suits you both and to avoid being rushed or interrupted.

We are using the Skool Loop app to manage our bookings for these conferences.

Bookings are open. Now is the time to book your hui Tuarua. It is expected that your child will be there with you.

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