International Cuisine week

This week we have been celebrating our differences by trying many different types of food during our

International Cuisine week.

Our students have been going to other classes, where the teachers have shared how to make Japanese sushi, Fijian curry & roti, Mexican bean nachos, Italian pizza, French chocolate mousse, Hawaiian kebabs and Vietnamese rice paper rolls.

Trying new foods was a challenge for a lot of children. Some was successful others weren’t so much. The year 6 boys just weren’t fans of cold ‘spring rolls’.

Mr Tongs curry was a hit for many children who just ‘don’t like curry’ but ones he had convinced them to try a little were trying to get thirds.

As well as the different food our children have been learning about life in different countries.

We do hope they have been talking about the new things they have learnt especially the new foods they now like.

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