isplaying What’s Important

For about a year or so we have been working on modernising the words and images we use to describe what’s important at Linton Camp School.

At the heart of what we are trying to achieve with our students is whakamau akoranga, whakamau ā mua - owning our learning, owning our future. We really do want our students to be able to talk about the things they are learning and getting better at. This core ideal shapes how teachers and students interact regarding learning. It is one of the key reasons we use Seesaw to show learning in action.

Many of you may remember us talking about our values. After discussing some ideas we settled upon whanaungatanga (relationships), manawaroa (resilience), maruwehi (respect) and whakahi (pride).

Another important area we work on with students are the Future Skills. At Linton Camp School they are whakawhitiwhiti kōrero (communication), āta whakaaro (critical thinking), mahi tahi (collaboration), whakaoti rapanga (problem solving), kiriarautanga (citizenship) and auahatanga (creativity).

With help from the folk at Studioseventyfour we have designed what all this will look like. Over the next couple of months you will see the design work around the school as we put it up. Most of the mahi around our rebranding was led by Warrick Price.

Geoff Franks


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