It is that time of year ; Head Lice are back.

It is that time of year ; Head Lice are back.

Head lice, nits, kutu no matter what we call them they are very unpleasant visitors but there are a few easy actions you can take to prevent your child from bringing home manuhiri;

- Explain to your children how easily head lice move from person to person, so they can help prevent their spread.

- Encourage your child not to share

  • Combs and brushes

  • Hair ties, bands, crowns etc..

  • Hats, scarves

  • Jackets, sweatshirts, jerseys

  • Headphones

  • Pillows

  • Anything that goes near or over their head

- Tie up or better still plait long hair or cut hair short if possible.

- Remind your child not to have head to head contact with others at school, while playing or in class.

- Vigorously brush your child’s hair everyday or maybe even twice a day.

- Spritzing hair, daily, with diluted tea tree oil or a commercial preventer can help deter a visit.

Head lice is not just a junior school issue but do tend to be more prevalent due to younger children playing or sitting closer to each other.

There are many head lice myths, that I’m sure you have heard. The most common being head lice can jump or swim from person to person. The truth is that the lice crawl between those in close proximity.

The myth about lice only living on dirty hair is widespread but the truth is lice don’t discriminate. They will make themselves at home very quickly on any head, clean or dirty.

If you need any more information, friendly advice or help please feel to talk with Lisa in the school office. After raising two girls she has a wealth of knowledge about kutu.

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