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Linton Camp School Staff for 2023

We welcome to Linton Camp School all our new staff: Kym Anson, Ashley Futi, Anya Donald,Jo Girvan and Erica Venrysewyk.

We trust you are going to enjoy working with our students and staff and being part of the LCS whanau.

Linton Camp School Staff for 2023 are;

Geoff Franks - Principal

Nigel Tongs - Deputy Principal / Senior Team Leader

Mary Macdonald - Junior Team Leader

Amy Hardyment - Release Teacher / Special Needs Teacher

Kym Anson - Reading Recovery Teacher

Lynette Blenkiron - Reading Tutor

Lisa Buckley - Office Manager

Raylene Franks - Office Support

In the classrooms are;

Manuka in room 1 Hanna McKeever - Teacher

Erica Vanrysewyk - Teacher Aide

Kowhai in room 2 Kayhla Cousins - Teacher

Ariana Mainland - Teacher Aide

Miro in room 3 Mary Macdonald - Teacher

Leana Galvin - Teacher Aide

Kauri in room 4 Chris McKeever - Teacher

Jo Girvan - Teacher Aide

Matai in room 6 Nigel Tongs - Teacher

Anya Donald - Teacher Aide

Totara in room 7/8 Sandi Pemberton - Teacher

Laura Churchill - Teacher Aide

Ashley Futi - Teacher Aide

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