Linton Loot

Market Day 2020 - Linton Loot

The office is now taking orders for Linton Loot at the exchange rate of

$1 NZ dollar for 2 Linton Loot.

Each student is able to exchange a maximum of NZ$10. This must be pre-ordered/brought. Students will not be able to purchase Linton Loot on Market Day.

How does this work????

Students bring in their NZ dollars the office & Mrs Buckley will add your order to her list. On Market Day each child will be given their Linton Loot.

We do this so the Linton Loot does not get lost or left at home before Market Day.

Parents can come in at anytime to exchange their NZ dollars for Linton Loot.

After Market Day we will exchange any unspent Linton Loot for NZ dollars at the same rate - 2 for 1.

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