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Lost Clothing & Shoes

Lost Clothing & Shoes

The only way to reduce the amount of your children’s clothing shoes or personal items is to label them with your child’s name.

If an item is named it will be returned to your child should it be picked up around the school or if it ends up in lost property. Or can be identified if their is disputed ownership.

It surprises us when we look at a jersey or hat and it had the name of a past student but a current student says it is theirs and it is named, how should we know who to return it to?

Please put you child’s name on all items of clothing that are likely to be removed - hats, jersey’s shoes, socks… and with swimming add their name to their shorts & shirts too.

It only takes a vivd or you can go on line to order iron on name tags. If you need help with this at all please come see Lisa at the school office, she is happy to help.

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