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Market Day 2022

Market Day - 1 December

1.30pm - 2.30pm

I am sure you have been told alot about Market Day, about your child’s business, what is being made and their plans to be millionaires before Christmas.

So this is how Market Day goes….

  • At the moment all students are making plans and figuring out what they are going to make and sell on Market Day.

  • The older students work in small teams and the younger work as a class to develop a business plan, manufacture the goods and then market their goods around the school.

(All costs are covered by the school so the students need to approach their class teacher who will make all

necessary purchases).

  • On Market Day each group have a stall to sell their goods for Linton Loot.

Market Day is open to all whanau. It is an interesting and fun afternoon; checking out the variety of goods our children have produced and maybe even pick up a bargain. All purchases, however, are made in Linton Loot.

Linton Loot is purchased from the school office either before or on Market Day at the exchange rate of $1 NZ dollar for 2 Linton Loot.

If you have you have any questions that your child can’t answer please talk to their class teacher or pop into the office to ask Lisa, Nigel or Geoff.

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