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Matai & Kauri Camp - 14 - 17 March

Matai & Kauri Camp - 14 - 17 March

Only 5 sleeps to go…. The excitement is building……

Here's the latest info:

1]. Packing: Great to hear that families are already packing (or packed!) ready for camp. Naming of EVERYTHING means the EVERYTHING will mostly likely come back after camp! (Unfortunately, still not 100% guaranteed, but far better than no chance at all!). Ask at the office for a copy of gear list if you have lost it. Please note: We are happy to permit one [1] soft toy per child should this assist their positive sleeping patterns.

2]. Home baking: A small (disposable) plate of home baking (or last minute shopping item ... yes, we know how life works for many of us!) for afternoon teas, suppers etc, can be dropped off on Camp morning (Tuesday) in the home-baking container.

3]. Packed lunch: The first day, the children will need their packed lunch, in a paper bag or disposable container.

4]. Camp overview: Activities have been revealed: Indoor sports, shooting (slug) gallery, BMX bikes, orienteering, the burma trail, and the initiatives course. Good challenges to build team work, self-management and resilience!

5]. Contact: There is no cell phone coverage at camp. Any contact needed with the camp party may be made through Lisa in the school office.

6]. Camp fees: A message from Lisa! Thank you for all your fundraising efforts and support of our events. A budget was set for fundraising and this figure was taken into account when setting the camp fee.

If we are fortunate enough to raise more funds than planned, the excess will be divided equally and credited to each child’s “school account”. This will be used for any unpaid camp fees or if you have paid the camp fee in full this credit can be used for any future school expenses - sports registration fees or more juicies.

We are happy to refund this credit to you by internet banking. We will need to ask for your bank account number to do this. Thank you.

We know all the children and parents attending camp are going to have a great time, overcoming many challenges and making loads of life long memories. We wish them all the very best for their camp.

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