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You may have seen in the media that primary school principals have voted to stop working with the Ministry of Education and to limit our work hours. We have taken this action as we believe it is necessary to highlight the significant issues that we need to address in the current round of negotiations.

We are committed to continuing to lead our schools and to ensure that they are safe, healthy places where students are learning during this time. Our day-to-day work to do this will continue, but we will no longer be working with the Ministry on their education system work or to introduce or implement new initiatives. As principals we make a significant contribution of time and expertise to this work. There is little additional resource or staffing to support this which has a negative impact on us.

As part of this we will not be available for work or to be contacted before 8am and after 5pm on weekdays. This includes sending or receiving digital communications. We also not be available at all on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.

Overall, you are not going to notice anything different from your end and the hope is that our strike will not affect you or your child's learning at all - but we hope it may have some degree of impact on the Ministry. We hope to receive an acceptable offer in negotiations and will end the work ban when that happens.

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