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With the weather being so cold it is an appropriate time to remind you about the times that school is open.

  • No students should be dropped at school before 8:30am, when our duty of care begins. A bell rings at 8:30 to inform students.

  • After school we expect that parents collect students by 3:15pm. Students are not allowed to use the school grounds (eg playground, field) until after they have been picked up by whānau. If you are running late, please call the office so we know.

  • We have had a few incidents lately where students have been left unsupervised outside JJ's and the library. This has led to the Police being involved and I have been asked to remind you that children are not to be left there unsupervised.

  • If you need supervision in a safe environment for your children, please contact the YMCA who provide a before and after school programme at the Community Centre. Contact them on 0800 YMCA4U or email

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