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School Cross Country - Results

School Cross Country -


We were very lucky with the weather last week. We had a perfect day to hold our Cross Country.

Thank you to the many parents and whanau who came along to watch, support or to help make the event the truely fun & successful event it was.

We do apologise for the problem some had accessing the event through the back gate, we have learnt from this and will be doing things different next time to support whanau to come along.

The results from Cross Country are;

girls boys

Yr1 - 1st Kyla Rangitakatu Ptolemy Lindsay

2nd Amaria Roberts Zachary Lawrie

3rd Oriana Tanoa’i Simeon Zainey

Yr2 - 1st Marnie Alexander Kanui Patu

2nd Irie Raston Vanya Allan-Yushkov

3rd Aria Broughton Hayden Tiller

Yr3 - 1st Jessie Allen Elye Lawrie

2nd Kahui-a-Rangi Waiomio Leaf Bentley Kairau

3rd Leana Cannon Fletcher Joyce

Yr4 - 1st Alexis Cameron Cameron Groenendyk

2nd = Monria Dunlop 2nd Dion McCarthy

2nd = Ngaro Zainey 3rd Nevayah Te Kanawa-Ngaro

Yr5 - 1st Tiare Dunlop Jayden Varley

2nd Indie Mildon Jack Groenendyk

3rd Giavanna Hodgson Zaiden Smit

Yr6 - 1st Dillon-Grace Lowery Isaiah Jenkins-Taylor

2nd Narli Poi Larkins Hamish French

3rd Evie Gerling Tumaia Disher-Paki

Yr7 - 1st Shakayla Ferrall Alexander De Vries

2nd Carlos Tufuga

3rd Te Atawhai Linkhorn Taika Reid

Yr8 - 1st Alyssa Smit Marshall Lowery

2nd Mika Human Jackson Wickens

3rd Bella Reid Rian Gerling

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