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School Cross Country - Tuesday 23 May

The Linton Camp School Cross-Country is Tuesday 23rd May (Postponement: Thursday 25th May.)

Timetable for the Event:

10:15 am Event 1 – Year 1 Boys and Girls (1.0 km approx)

10:30 am Event 2 – Year 2 Boys and Girls (1.0 km approx)

10:45 am Event 3 – Year 3 Boys and Girls (2.0 km approx)

11:00 am Event 4 – Year 4 Boys and Girls (2.0 km approx)

11:30 am Event 5 – Year 5 Boys and Girls (3.0 km approx)

11:50 am Event 6 – Year 6 Boys and Girls (3.0 km approx)

12:10 pm Event 7 – Year 7/8 Boys and Girls (3.0 km approx)

The event will take place in camp (with the start and finish line opposite the Fire Station.)

We are aware that last year many parents were unable to access the event as they didn't have a camp pass. Therefore if you would like to attend (and you don't have a camp pass) could you please respond via Seesaw or email with your full name, phone number and we will pass on your details to the camp providers. Please respond to your child's classroom teacher by tomorrow 19 May.

You will then need to state your name and show your driver's licence at the 'Main Gates' to obtain access.

Students will need to wear school uniform to school on Tuesday 23rd May and bring to school:

change of clothes: this year students’ can dress up in their house colours! Just ensure the clothing is suitable for running.

A jersey to put on after the event.

running shoes (students’ MUST have shoes, the area is not suitable for bare feet.)

drink bottle of water

Inhalers, etc.

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