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School Hats Compulsory in Term 4

In Terms 1 & 4 all students at Linton Camp School MUST wear a school hat whenever they are outside - at morning tea & lunch time, when walking to library, on a class trip, during fitness or P.E. etc…

What is a school hat?

A plain wide brimmed or bucket hat in navy blue or red. It is does NOT have the school logo.

These can be purchase at;

Kmart, the Warehouse, Farmers, Academy Apparel or any supplier of hat wear.

Caps, different coloured, logos or patterned hats are not acceptable school hats.

Please take time during the school holidays to source an appropriate school hat for your children as they will need to wear it from day 1 term 4 or sit in the shade at playtime.

And please write your child’s name inside their hat so it can be returned when they leave it somewhere.

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