School Photo Day 14 May 2021

School Photo Day 14 May 2021

Photolife will be visiting us on 14 May - next term - to take school photos of all students.

This will be class photos and individual photos.

This year all ordering will be done only using Photolife’s online system.

How does this work? Tomorrow a pamphlet will be sent home explaining this but basically on photo day your child will have their portrait photo taken. Then you will receive a Photo Keycode so you can access the photo’s online and make your purchase.

So you will get to see what you are buying before you buy rather than pay and hope that your child smiled.

There is still the opportunity to have Sibling Photos.

If you wish to have a portrait of all your children, who attend LCS please ask Lisa in the school office for a Sibling order form.

The sibling order form must be signed and return for a siblings photo to be taken.

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