School Uniform

School Uniform

Earlier this year the Board of Trustees asked parents for some feedback about our uniform. Thanks to all of you who took the time to share with us your views. They were carefully read and considered. We will shortly be writing to each family with some follow up information as well as wanting to hear your views on our plans.

In the meantime, I need every family to be mindful of how your children wear their uniform. At the moment I see a lot of white socks being worn - and other coloured socks as well. I see non-black shoes being worn by some students. I see non-uniform tops being worn instead of polar fleeces.

Alarmingly, I also see some students not wearing anything other than their red polo shirt. In this weather I worry about children getting sick if they do not wear enough clothing, especially to and from school.

We have a great uniform. Our students look smart in it and should wear it with pride. Please help keep up our high standard by ensuring your children wear the correct uniform every day.

Geoff Franks


Linton Camp School Uniform for

Terms 2 & 4 (winter);

• Navy blue sweatshirt or polar fleece with school logo

• Red polo shirt with school logo

• Navy blue shorts

• School Skort (girls)

• Navy blue unisex elastic waist pants

• Navy blue socks or navy blue tights (stockings)

• Black leather school shoes

Jackets, raincoats, gloves, woolly hats etc... can be worn to school but are not to be worn in class.

There is no specified colour or type of jacket.

Any items worn under uniform for warmth (e.g. thermal tops or leggings) must not be visible.

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