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School Uniform

We just want to remind you that on these cold and wet mornings it is okay for your child to wear any woolly hat, gloves, jacket or raincoat to school.

It is important that children come to school warm.

Once in class they will be expected to remove them but they can be worn when outside.

Long Pants;

Don’t forget that Navy Blue Longs Pants are an option for the winter uniform for everyone - girls & boys.

They should be drill ( heavy cotton material) elastic waisted pants - like the shorts - no track pants please.

If you need help with uniform please talk to Lisa in the school office.

We, unfortunately, are seeing a lot of non-uniform items being worn around school.

While jackets, hats, gloves, etc.. can be worn to school they must be taken off at school, which will leave your child cold if they are not wearing the uniform polar fleece underneath.

We also do not want to see thermals sticking out under their uniform.

Children will be directed to remove any non-uniform items and if they continue to wear incorrect uniform at school we may need to take further action.

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