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Linton Camp School has a really smart school uniform. We are very proud of it and our students look great wearing it, as our school photos last week showed.

A big thank you to every family for the effort you put into having your child turn out so neat and tidy every day wearing the correct uniform. With the majority of our whānau being in the Army, you will know why it is important to maintain high uniform expectations.

I have noticed that our tamariki are not the best at keeping track of their uniform and we often see shoes and jerseys left around. Please can I encourage you to NAME EVERYTHING - this makes life so much easier for staff to help your kids find things. If it is not named, it WILL get lost!

Now that we are into our winter uniform (terms 2 and 3) it is a good time to remind everyone of uniform expectations. We have noticed a few non-uniform items slipping into daily wear. So, from Monday (after Pink Shirt Day!), we will be a bit more stringent about our uniform standards.

Here are a few reminders:

TOPS: The red top, polar fleece and sweat top must be monogrammed. This is not optional. If your child has a non-monogrammed top or fleece I expect you to have them replaced as soon as practical.

SHOES: In Terms 2 and 3 shoes must be black school shoes. There should be NO WHITE or brand logos visible on school shoes - this includes shoes that have a visible white sole from the side. Teachers have noticed a wide variety of shoes being worn at the moment.

Please send any other shoes to school for cross country training.

NB Black sandals are part of the school summer uniform in Terms 1 and 4, but should stay home in terms 2 & 3.

SOCKS: these must be navy blue.

Thanks for your support, whānau.

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