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Student Leadership Team - 2022


I take great joy in announcing the appointment of our 2022 School leaders. These students have been chosen as a result of their reputation, their personal drive for excellence, their heart for student wellbeing and learning success and their willingness to put the effort in to make a difference at our school.

Head boy: Rian Gerling

Head girl: Alyssa Smit

House leaders: Mika Human (Tangaroa)

Taika Reid (Ruaumoko)

Tyler Atkins (Tane Mahuta)

Blake Johnston (Tawhirimatea)

Linton Camp School values the development of leadership qualities and experiences as an investment for the future of our community and nation. As these students present our leadership role-models for the school, this inspires all our students to recognise their potential to be leaders in their own right as well. We are thrilled to see Year 6 students already taking opportunities as young leaders this week, supporting positive activity in our playground and teacher aides in their ‘minding’ of student with specific needs.

Rian Gerling Alyssa Smit

Mika Human Taika Reid

Tyler Atkins Blake Johnston


Our school has resolved to deepen our commitment to student wellbeing, social development and values. It says a lot about our school, its expectations and values, when we can highlight the outstanding example our students have already set this year. Whether it is on the bus to Technology or collaborating in a STEM collaboration event or working with a relief teacher, I have taken pride in receiving recent complements about our students’ conduct and politeness.

Every parent desires to see their child aspire to the highest standards of citizenship. Essential learning about how I treat myself and others, how I reflect values, how I respond in difficult situations and how I focus on excellence all lead towards reaching these aspirations. It doesn’t happen automatically - it takes specific teaching, modelling, encouragement and acknowledgement - both within families and in partnership with school personnel. With a united and consistent front, our children have every chance of success.

Nigel Tongs

Acting Principal

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