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Tabloid Sports - Wednesday 16 November

Please note the change of day !!!

Tabloid Sports - Wednesday 16 November

We are holding our annual Tabloid Sports Event Wednesday, 16 November.

All students of Linton Camp School are expected to attend.

Children are to arrive back at school at 4.00pm, wearing appropriate sports wear. The fun and games start at 4.30pm.

As this is a Whanau House competition they are invited to wear house colours but please, we do not to expect you to buy anything if they do not have the correct colour.

This is a fun family evening, all whanau are invited to come along to watch, encourage and support their children. And of course take part in some of the games.

There will be no sausage sizzle, but parents are welcome to bring a picnic tea to school for after the TUG-O-WAR.

The timetable is below for your information;

4:00 pm - Students to meet

field side of Te Whare Tapere

4:30 pm - Welcome move to the games.

5:40 pm - Tug of War

5:55 pm - Finish

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