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Unwell Students at school;

Unwell Students at school;

While it is really important that students are at school every school day, it is also vital that if unwell they remain at home to get better sooner and protect other students and staff from catching their illness.

If children are uncomfortable with coughing or a runny nose they find it difficult to concentrate and learn. So please an extra day or two does help with their full recovery.

If a child has vomiting or diahorea they must isolate at home for a full 24 hours after their last motion or event. This is to allow the bug to pass and not be spread to others.

And please don’t forget to let us know your child will be absent by

  • Phone 06 325 8740 and leaving a message

  • The Skool Loop app

  • Emailing the school office

Thank you.

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