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Kia ora

Today I write about several events that we hold this term that have been affected by COVID restrictions.

Tabloid Sports

Each year we hold a tabloid sports event in the evening so that as many of you as possible can attend to watch your children. This year Tabloid Sports will be held on Thursday 25 November. However, this year Tabloid Sports will be held during the day and will not be open to the public.


Our prizegiving is being held on Tuesday 07 December. Most years we hold this important event in the evening. However, this year we will be holding two prize giving ceremonies (juniors & seniors). Both will be during the day and both will not be open to the public.

The Ministry of Education has asked schools to take a precautionary approach when deciding to host a gathering or large event. They specifically mention prize giving as an example of a school event that should not go ahead until we are at Alert Level One.

We plan to share a recording of each prize that we award with parents.

Mandatory Vaccination Requirements

We do not expect that there will be any noticeable changes at Linton Camp School as a result of the mandatory vaccination requirements.

These are unusual times. COVID is a nasty disease. Every single New Zealander is affected in some way by COVID. But one really great thing about Kiwis is our ability to adapt and then readapt as situations change. That’s what we are all doing. We change and we shape and reshape how we deliver education in response to the situation we find ourselves in. We do not always like being in this position but we manage because we must. Will we ever return to life how it was before COVID? Only time will tell.

Thank you for your understanding.

Geoff Franks


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