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School Board 

The Linton Camp School Board consists of the following people:


Presiding Member:  

Letitia Morris

Parent Trustees: 

Elijah Peters - on leave

Andrē Olivier

Kim Groenewald

Phil Alexander

Luisa Beck

Army Representative: 

Sandra Patterson


Staff-elected Trustee: 

Nigel Tongs



Matt Costley


Copies of the minutes of the Board meetings are available in the school foyer.


Audited Accounts

School Charter

The purpose of a school charter is to establish the mission, aims, objectives, directions and targets of the board that will give effect to the Government’s National Education Guidelines and the Board’s priorities.  A board is required to develop a strategic plan which documents how they are giving effect to the National Education and Learning Priorities (NELPs) through their policies, plans and programmes, including those for curriculum, assessment and staff professional development.


The charter is a key planning document that sets out the school's objectives and targets for the year. 

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