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Linton Camp School Uniform Policy


At Linton Camp School the purpose of our uniform is to enhance identity, provide suitable quality and to support our community through economical uniform options.


  1. School uniforms must not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race or culture.   

  2. Safety considerations will be paramount when making rules to decide what students should wear to school.

  3. Children are able to express their individuality through their conduct as representatives of our school, our values and our vision.  

  4. Uniform expectations are reviewed by the school management every three years in conjunction with the Board of Trustees’ policy review and in consultation with the school community.




 Linton Camp School policy requires students to wear a compulsory school uniform. Students and their parents are deemed to have accepted this when they enrol at the school. To resist conforming to this expectation is to deviate from the vision and expectations of the school’s operations.  Parents will be notified when such issues arise.


The school accepts that on occasions named clothing goes missing and parents will notify the school and send their children in appropriate clothing until uniform items can be replaced.




The school uniform is described for both boys and girls:    


  • Navy blue sweatshirt or polar fleece with school logo

  • Red polo shirt with school logo

  • Navy blue shorts, skorts, or long pants

  • Navy blue socks

  • Black leather school shoes or black sandals
    (No socks to be worn with sandals)



  • A navy blue bucket hat must be worn.


Sports Uniform:

  • Red/White Razor Tee Shirt with school logo

  • Navy Taslon Shorts

  • Appropriate footwear for physical activity (flexible sole)



Naming Clothing

School uniforms are very expensive and easily mislaid. Please see that all items of clothing are named. A name is an indication and definite proof of ownership. 

Linton Camp School does have recommended strategies for clear name labelling:

  • Hat - we can embroider your child’s name on their hat

  • All other clothing - we recommend heat-applied labels

  • Shoes/Sandals - we recommend stick labels inside the shoe, or vivid initials on the rear of the shoe’s sole.


Jewellery & Accessories
  • Are discouraged. Jewellery and other accessories (e.g. wrist bands) present a safety issue to the wearer or other students and, in many cases, reflect different standards to those of the school’s high expectations.

  • Only watches and a simple stud earring (one on each earlobe) are permitted to be worn at school.

  • Taonga can be worn but must be worn on the inside of clothing due to safety reasons.

  • Hair is to be tied back with a simple hair tie or black/blue coloured headband. Hair is not to be dyed is non-natural colours.

  • Multi coloured flowers, bows or headbands are not to be worn to school.

  • Nail polish or make-up is not permitted to be worn at school.


Uniform items with the school logo can be ordered and purchased from Academy Apparel, Broadway Ave, Palmerston North.



The following represents current footwear that meets uniform expectations, and naming strategies that have proven to be highly successful.

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