During the first morning session, we stop for five to ten minutes for a “Brainfood” break.  Please provide your child with a healthy snack for this time. This may be a piece of fruit or some vegetables. We participate in the Fonterra Milk in Schools initiative which is about providing free milk to grow healthy Kiwi kids. Each day all children are offered a small carton of milk to drink if they want. This is completely optional.

Morning tea is from 11:00 - 11:20 am. Children go out to play for 20 minutes. Then they come back in and have 10 minutes eating time together as a class.


Lunchtime is from 12:30 pm to 1:10 pm. Children go and play for 40 minutes. Then they come back in and have eating time together as a class for 20 minutes. Eating time in class is supervised by their class teacher.

Drink Bottles

Children are encouraged to put their drink bottles in a container in the classroom.  They are able to drink at any time during the day. When it is hot, we will stop for regular drink breaks.  Please fill the drink bottles with water only.



We have a policy at Linton Camp School that children must wear a school hat when outside during Term One and Term Four.  When not in use, hats are kept in children’s bags or cubbies. They do not usually get taken home.

Lost Property

Please label all school clothing.  We have a lot of unmarked and unclaimed clothing every term.  Lost property is stored in Te Whare Tapere, our school hall. Please also label your child’s lunch box and drink bottle.


Please ensure your child has a ROOMY school bag that can adequately hold their lunchbox and drink bottle, book bag, raincoat and spare clothing.

Parent Help

We value parent help both in the classroom and at home. If you have some free time available on a regular basis and would like to join us, please let us know. Whether it’s listening to some children reading, joining us for an art class, or coming in to share your skills or passion with us, we would love to have you.

Zero Waste Programme

Last year we re-introduced a zero-waste programme. Our school aims to create as little rubbish as we can. Children contribute to the zero rubbish programme by taking home any rubbish from their lunch box. After they have unwrapped their lunch they place any rubbish back in their lunchbox. The rubbish can then be put into the home recycling system. We encourage families to think of ways to send lunches to school that requires as little packaging as possible. By students taking their own rubbish home again, we save thousands of dollars in rubbish pickups, money that the school can spend on better educational resources.


School newsletters are emailed every week. You are also able to view the newsletter from our website The newsletter helps to keep whanau informed on current events. If you do not have access to a computer please let the office know and a hard copy of the newsletter will be sent home with your eldest child.

School Facebook Page

The information from the school newsletter is posted to the school facebook page every Thursday. This is a great place to keep updated about things happening at school.


Children are discouraged from bringing toys and any valuable items to school as these can get lost or damaged.  We ask that you please ensure your child does not bring toys or objects from home to school.


Seesaw is an app we use to empower our children to independently document what they are learning at school. Our children are able to ‘show what they are learning’ using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. Children will have their own Seesaw account and will add work to share what they're doing at school with their parents.


Starting school is an exciting time for both parents and children. It can also be a big step for some children. The transition from Early Childhood Centre, Kindergarten, Kohanga Reo or home is made easier if you and your children are well prepared.  Keep in mind that school is a different atmosphere from preschool education. School children need to be able to do certain things on their own.  It would be helpful if your child could:

  • Dress themselves (especially for swimming in Term One)

  • Put on their shoes and sweatshirt/jersey and take them off without any help

  • Toilet themselves, know how to flush and wash their hands afterwards

  • Feel comfortable speaking to an adult/teacher to ask for help and express their needs e.g. say when they need the toilet or when they feel unwell

  • Recognise their own name and be able to write it (with a Capital letter at the start of their name and the rest in lower case letters)

  • Recognise some letters

The above skills are a guide only.  If your child does not know or is not able to do all of the above tasks don’t worry. Each child matures at their own speed and we adjust our class programme to suit the ever-changing needs of all our students.


Enrol at School

  • Fill in enrolment forms. Bring Birth certificate, Immunisation certificate.

  • Pick up a stationery list.

  • Book time to meet with the New Entrant Teacher.

School Visits

  • 3 x school visits as arranged with the teacher.

  • Make sure your child can go to the toilet, open a lunch box, take shoes/sweatshirt off and on.

  • Buy or pre-order school uniform.

First Day

  • Start on or just after 5th birthday. (Make sure the school knows your intended start day).

  • Wear school uniform.

  • Bring stationery to school.

New Entrant interview

  • The teacher will book a time with you to talk about how your child is settling in and discuss progress.

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2 MONTHS before 5th birthday
1 MONTH before 5th birthday
5th birthday
4-6 weeks after starting school